MAG 498,8(mythic) , Engineer 497,8(mythic) -

MAG 498,8(mythic) , Engineer 497,8(mythic)

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MAG 498,8 full mythic +15, relic of the 4th and the 5th, full 180 skills, gold pet ello 34 likes, dragon x1,5 and x2 Phoenix of Crete, linen and 0.12 MAG in Crete (Down 0.05 MAG Crete 12 critical hit physical damage 1861, Peppers MAG damage 521 +5крит strike Def Def 186)
Ing 497,8 mythic fluff and armor +15, feet and hands +14 5e relic, full 180 skills, gold pet kun kun 34 likes, so there is lucky, the dragon x1,5 and x2 dragon of Crete,
linen and 0.12 MAG in Crete
On account 13 of the Persians, 7-70ур, 6-67-68ур.Encyclopedia 8566 (147 of 202 cards). A whole bunch in the Bank (7 cells): scrolls of unbinding, 4E gravy, raskhodka, coins for dungeon etc
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