Maid of Sker (2020) [Wales Interactive] (Rus Eng MULTi) RePack -

Maid of Sker (2020) [Wales Interactive] (Rus Eng MULTi) RePack

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Challenge nightmares the Quiet People. Don't panic... don't even breathe! Skanska maid is a game"horror" in the style of survival first-person, action which takes place in a remote from civilization hotel with the bloody and terrifying story, taken from British folklore. Armed with only protective sound device, you will use stealth tactics to avoid death in the cult of AI enemies based on sound. The idea of the game, which takes place in 1898, inspired by the disturbing story of Wales Elizabeth Williams. This is the story of the family Empire, driven torture, slavery, piracy and the supernatural mysteries that prevail on site.

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